“Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.” ― Milan Kundera

Welcome to Nosara Animal Care!

Nosara Animal Care (NAC) is a Costa Rican based, nonprofit, animal welfare organization located in Nosara, Costa Rica. Nosara is a rural, relatively isolated Tico village on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica's Nicoya, Guanacaste region. NAC's mission is to provide quality health care for Nosara’s most vulnerable animals. We rehabilitate homeless, injured, and sick animals and find them loving homes. We work with the community through educational programs to promote animal health. We have a low-cost spay/neuter program to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals, and we offer low-cost veterinary care for at-risk animals living in low-income homes. Our goal is to eliminate animal suffering and promote animal compassion.

We have a NO-KILL policy. Our rescue/rehab program takes all at-risk animals, restores them to health, and houses them until they are adopted. We do not euthanize unless an animal is suffering with very little chance of recovery. Ours is a costly, labor-intensive effort, and we rely on grants, donations, and volunteers to stay operational.

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We dedicate this website to Rocki. To learn more about Rocki's story click here.  Rocki had a very hard life before coming to NAC. During the 1.5 years he was with us, he made a remarkable recovery under Sarah's care. But in the end, loving care was not enough to overcome the damage done to his body by his early abuse and neglect. 

We adored our Rocki boy so much and are so sad to lose him. ... he blossomed into a happy, beautiful young fella with a trusting loving soul.  R.I.P. Rocki.  -- Sarah, September 2013  --