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Community Outreach

Rescue Rehab

Nosara Animal Care has developed a sustainable community outreach program that educates and provides medical and financial assistance when necessary to individuals and families who are struggling to take care of their animals. The outreach workers and volunteers work directly with the owners of the animals and our veterinary partners to treat sick animals and make sure the animals are receiving medications on schedule.  In addition the outreach team organizes transportation of sick animals to and from the veterinarian appointments and provides food donations when needed.  We have found that of the owned animals there are very few that are unloved or unwanted, usually it is a lack of resources has prevented the animal from receiving the care it has needed.  

Meet Max 

Max is an owned dog that we received information about, his family is very poor and Max was suffering from ehrlichia and mange.  The first photo was taken on the day we met Max the second photo was taken just a week and a half later his wounds are almost gone and his hair and skin are already looking better, with just a few pills and special baths for his skin Max is on his way to recovery. The third photo was taken just two short months after recieving help from Nosara Animal Care's outreach program.  Stay tuned for more updates on Max.  

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