NAC's education program teaches children to treat animals with kindness and respect. Using educational materials purchased from Asociación Nacional Protectora de Animales (ANPA), we conduct classes in the local schools, the library, and at special events organized for children. Children receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

We recently received matching funds from Costa Rica-USA Foundation (CRUSA) to initiate our Super Dueños Education Program. Two local Ticos have been trained to teach the ANPA curriculum to 4th graders. Over the course of the year, our trainers will teach proper animal care to the 4th graders in six Blue Flag schools in the Nosara District. The children receive Super Dueños certificates at the completion of the class. The 4th grade parents are then invited to attend an evening forum at the school to discuss what their children have learned about animal care. The evening forum will be followed within a week or two by a spay/neuter clinic in the same community as the school.  Our hope and expectation is that greater awareness of the benefits of sterilization will increase the numbers of families who bring their pets to the spay/neuter clinic. This program began in November, 2014, and we will provide updates as it progresses.

Click through the photos below to see images of our education program in action.

NAC Education Program