Sarah Foster is a veterinary nurse, who came to Nosara from Canada. She founded Nosara Animal Care in 2006 to relieve the suffering of the many sick, abandoned, and neglected animals that she saw roaming the streets and beaches of the greater Nosara area. For many years, Sarah ran NAC from her home by herself with small donations and support from the local community. She partnered with local veterinarians to organize low-cost, and in some cases, no-cost, spay-neuter campaigns to address animal overpopulation. She began rehabilitating sick and starving adult dogs/cats, and sheltered abandoned litters of puppies/kittens. These rescued animals stayed at her home until they were healthy. Prior to placement in responsible, caring homes, all animals were vaccinated and treated for parasites, and those that were old enough were sterilized. Additionally, Sarah educated the local community about healthy animal care through active outreach and gentle consultation. Principally through her efforts, the condition of many of Nosara's most vulnerable cats and dogs has markedly improved. 

No one person can possibly do all of this work independently, so in 2010, NAC was re-organized into a non-profit organization with a working Board of Directors. The NAC Board helps to carry out NAC's mission. Sarah was a member of the Board and Director of the organization until December, 2013. 

Most of the extraordinary animal photographs shown in this website were taken by Sarah. She captures the inner beauty of the animals under her care with her photography. 

Our Founder