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Spay and Neuter Campaign

Working with our partner veterinarians, we sponsor at least 8 low-cost spay/neuter campaigns each year, targeting the low income population of Nosara.  Since its founding, NAC has spay/neutered over 2000 cats and dogs. Currently all of our spay/neuter clinics are done by Dra.Susana and Hubert of Safari Animal Hospital.




After check-in, owners pay a nominal fee and animals wait their turn for surgery. Click on the photo below to see more intake pictures.

Spay-neuter surgery is performed by Costa Rican veterinarians. At this time, Dra Susana from Safari Animal Hospital is our attending veterinarian. Other veterinarians have worked with us in the past. 

Animals are attended to during their recovery by our recovery team, which includes a group of dedicated and trained volunteers . Toenails are clipped, ears cleaned, animals are given flea/tick medication. Owners often comfort their animals during recovery. 

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